Aluminum Trim Capping

Maintenance Free Capping

Homeowners tired of climbing up their exterior walls and painting them every couple of years often consider capping their trim with aluminum. Not only does this eliminate the need for painting, but it can protect the wood from weather damage. Aluminum is the choice of many homeowners as it can be formed to closely resemble the original wood trim, even crown moldings used on many houses.

When Window Repair NYC does your capping work, we use only the highest quality products, including G8 High Performance Coil to cap your windows.  In addition, we use color matching trim nails to create a seamless and clean look.

Our Process

Aluminum trim comes in rolls of coil and is available in many colors and can be bent using a tool called a break (pictured) that allows Window Repair NYC’s installers to bend and cut the material for a custom fit.   Our experienced installers can fit the metal over your  existing wood and help seal the wood and adjacent materials from the weather. The cap is held in place by using aluminum nails available in the same color as the trim.  Aluminum is used since it does not rust.

In addition to capping your trim (facia boards, rake boards, window panels, etc) capping can be used on the trim around doors and windows to help preserve the wood for a long lasting appearance without the need to paint.  Quality caulking is then used to create a tight seal to keep out air and water.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is important to note that when installing aluminum cap that space needs to be considered for expansions and contraction. Over a 12-foot run, aluminum will generally expand about one fourth of an inch when heated by the sun or ambient temperatures. If there is no gap left in the installation, when the metal is heated and expands, the cap will bend accordingly.  When installed during cold weather the gap must be considered. In hot weather, the gap need not be as large as the metal will contract when it cools and could show a much larger gap than planned.