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The Window Repair NYC is a team of professionals all set to install safety glass and keep safe your children from falling out of windows.

window-children-guardAll the children are blessed with a keen enthusiasm to explore their surroundings. A world turns into a magical place filled with all-new discoveries & adventures, from the very moment a baby learns to crawl. Everything from giant bookshelf or the pesky stairs or the balcony windows are a potential mountain to climb from a child’s innocent perception. For children, everything beyond the boundary of safety gate is a mysterious place that demands investigation. This curiosity to overcome obstacles JJ often leads to un-safe situations. With these brave expeditions, little bumps or worse can happen.Speaking about some hard facts; the unintentional falls are one of the significant reasons for the increasing number of non-fatal injuries for children in the US.  Approximately 3.5 million non-fatal injuries demanding treatment in an emergency room because of the unintentional falls were recorded in 2012. Thanks to desire for exploring surroundings, the major causes these injuries were falling down the stairs, playing near unsecured windows, climbing on the furniture, and so on…To explore the outside surround, a 2 year old leaning against the window screen, certainly appears as an imaginable situation. The window screens or the protective shields are keeping your child safe from a fall. children-window-guardA properly installed window children guard can keep your child safe by preventing unintentional window falls. These guards are especially designed for children under age 5 for keeping them safe from window falls. The home guards are installed at the front of a window internally and are usually made from steel. Apart from window children guard, safety glass installation on roof railings, non-mountable railings, can be supportive home visitation for identifying fall hazards. Got the best, high quality guard or safety glass, who and how to install? When it comes to window installation or repair, none can compete the skillful services at bargain prices that are provided by From Manhattan to Queens, the skillful professionals of Window repair have been everywhere. The well-versed professional staff consists of licensed & well-trained experts, who will endow safe installation making your window work efficaciously.

What makes the Window Repair NYC, the best service provider?

The four way mantra of Experts, Planning, Free estimation and fast & quality services makes us Window Repair NYC the best service provider in town. We, at Window Repair NYC takes pride in offering highly expert services at competitive prices without compromising on workmanship.   Whether its installation of homegurads or safety glass, or replacement/repair of double gazed sash window our well-trained skillful team is always ready to performwindow services of high quality in minimal time. We believe in providing both fast & efficient services at competent prices. Also, anyone can request for a free of cost estimate by submitting an online request on the free estimate section of the website.  

The Window Repair NYC

One stop solution for keeping your children safe from non-fatal window falls!!!

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