Custom Shower Doors

If you are thinking of renovating your old and boring bathroom or are busy in designing your new home and every nook and corner of it including the bathroom, then you have surely come to right place because our company, “Window Repair NYC” provides the most amazing custom shower doors Manhattan.

frameless-shower-door-queensSimply put, a shower door is to a bathroom what soul is to our body i.e. one can’t imagine a great bathroom without a shower door. And when you get in touch with our company for your shower door installation, then we provide you with a number of options to choose from. Let us first take you to our most loved shower doors i.e. frameless heavy custom shower doors that’ll not just give your bathroom a new look but in fact a royal look. Frameless shower doors are definitely “in” and people love installing them in their bathrooms. The reason for this growing popularity is simple because these doors look attractive and are affordable. Apart from being sleek, elegant and customized, our frameless shower doors have an integrated metal channel system that offers cleaner lines to the doors. Our glass doors are constructed using special half inch thick glass that not just adds to the look but also to the durability of our customized shower doors. To provide a sleeker look to your bathroom, we customize the shower doors in such a way that their corners are mitered instead of being butted together as most of the other manufacturers do.

At window repair NYC, our clients are free to instruct us on what kind of shower doors they want and how they want the doors to get installed.

framed-shower-doors-queensIf our clients are willing to increase the value and look of the frameless shower doors, we can even add ‘guardian glass’ shower glass protection that prevents clouding and water spots on the glass enamel, thus providing your bathroom an extremely clean look. Many people wish to install framed custom shower doors instead of frameless ones as the former is more affordable and durable. We provide our customers with the best quality framed custom shower doors installation as well at the most affordable rates. Our company strives to provide our clients with the most trusted Alumax shower doors that are considered to be the best in the market of framed shower doors. There might be chances that you have already installed shower door in your bathroom and facing problem with its maintenance, thus in order to solve your problem we provide to you the service of custom door shower repair at your doorsteps. We have a number of expert technicians that make your shower doors fit for usage again in a matter of few hours or days depending on the gravity of the problem. If you are looking for a custom shower door repair Brooklyn, then you have surely come to the right place because no one knows shower doors- their installation and repairs, better than Window Repair NYC. So contact our executives for a quick estimate of your new shower door now!

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