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what door services do we have?

what door services do we have?

Extensive experience, proven working methods and cooperation with manufacture. See all mirror services.  
  • Door Installation
  • Frameless Shower Door
  • Custom Shower Doors
  • Screens Installation
  • Mesh Replacement
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What are Door Screens?

Door screens are mesh structures that are attached to doors or windows. They are needed to protect your home from insects during the warmer months. In addition, mosquito nets help reduce the amount of pollen and other allergens that enter your home. Therefore, door screen installation is a godsend for residential buildings.

Mosquito nets usually consist of three main components:

  1. The frame is made of different materials. Most often it is aluminum, plastic, or wood. It is attached to the door and holds the net in a fixed position.
  2. The mesh itself is made of a thin, durable material. For example, fiberglass, aluminum, or nylon. It has small holes that allow air to pass through but prevent insects from entering your home.
  3. Fasteners are used to secure the frame to doors or windows. They are usually made of plastic or metal.

Door screens work on a simple principle: the mesh material prevents the penetration of insects and dust but allows air to freely penetrate. As a result, such structures provide comfort and safety in your home.

When is it Worth to Install Door Screens? People who live in a private home know that in the summer it is impossible not to open the front door. But with fresh air, various insects can enter the room. And this problem is also faced by those who open the door with an unglazed balcony. However, getting rid of the problem will help with the door screen, which will easily get rid of any inconvenience in the hot season.

The door screen has a simple design, but despite this perfectly copes with the tasks:

  • reliable protection from annoying insects of various kinds (flies, wasps, mosquitoes, and beetles);
  • protection from leaves, pollen, and flying debris;
  • prevents small children and animals from moving freely.

In addition, door models are very easy and practical to use. They do not adversely affect air quality and will provide ventilation in the room. Therefore, door screens installation is essential if you want to ventilate your home and get rid of the associated problems.



Benefits of Door Screen Installation
Tired of annoying insects ruining your evening on the terrace? Would you like to let in some fresh air, but are afraid of mosquito bites? Then, the door screen installation from WRNYC is the perfect solution for you.

These structures have a lot of important advantages for residential buildings:

  1. A quiet and cozy space: Enjoy the peace of the evening without the buzzing of insects.
  2. Fresh air without mosquito bites: Open the door and let fresh air into your home without risking an insect bite.
  3. Safety for children and pets: Protect your loved ones from disease-carrying insects.
  4. Save money on air conditioning: Fresh, insect-free air is a natural and cost-effective way to cool your home.
  5. Reduced allergies: Mosquito nets trap pollen and other allergens, which can make you feel better. This is a lifesaver if you suffer from allergies like a large number of people nowadays.
  6. Add to the design: Door screens are available in a variety of styles and colors. Stylish solutions from WRNYC will easily complement the design of your home.

Materials for the Manufacture of Custom Door Screens
In fact, there are a whole bunch of materials that are used to manufacture door screens. For a professional door screen installation, you can choose any of them according to your aesthetic wishes and functional requirements. Here are some of the materials most commonly used by WRNYC:

  1. Aluminum: lightweight, strong and durable material, resistant to corrosion.
  2. Fiberglass: lightweight and resistant to damage, not subject to corrosion.
  3. Steel: a very strong material that provides a high level of protection.
  4. Vinyl: cheap and lightweight material, but less durable than others.
  5. Plastic: lightweight and affordable material, but less resistant to damage.

Types of Door Screens
Framed Door Screens. This is the simplest and most common option for installing a door screen. Such a mosquito net on the door is a frame made of a lightweight PVC profile, which is made of the same shape and size as the doorway. Inside it, a polymer mesh fabric is stretched.

There are two main types of such constructions:

  • Standard: Lightweight, comfortable, and reliably protected from getting inside insects and debris.
  • With a thickened profile: Characterized by the use of a strong, solid profile for the leaf and frame, reinforced fastening. Thanks to these features, it becomes possible to use a door closure, and locking mechanism, as well as a special mesh anti-cat. An excellent option if you are afraid that a pet can tear the material.

Sliding Door Screens. Unlike the previous option, here the door opens not in the traditional swinging way, but by sliding sideways along the guides screwed to the frame. This is quite convenient, as the passage through such a construction does not require much effort.

The only problem is that this system requires space on the right or left side for sliding. However, sliding door screen installation is quite popular because of its convenience and stylish look.

Rolling Door Screens. This is a luxury option for almost any door, and this is due to its design features. It is best to install the door screen on the side opposite the opening of the front or balcony door. In this case, you will avoid the situation when the unwrapped roll will be accidentally damaged.

Tips to Choose Custom Door Screens Near Me
So you have realized all the advantages of these structures and want to install door screens? But what to do next, how to navigate among such a wide range? WRNYC has put together some useful tips for you, including aspects to consider before installing a door screen:

  • Door Size. Measurements must be accurate to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Type of opening. The choice of mesh depends on how the window or door is opened.
  • Door screen material. It is important to choose a strong and durable material for continued use.
  • Ease of maintenance. Do not choose low-quality products. This will ensure convenient use.
  • Aesthetics. The mesh should harmoniously fit into the design of the room. You can choose a neutral color and design, or get a unique stylish solution for your home.
  • Price. Take into account your budget, but do not sacrifice quality for the sake of the economy.
  • Functionality. For example, anti-dust nets for allergy sufferers, or areas with high levels of pollution. Also as we mentioned above there are heavy-duty door screens for those homeowners who have animals.

Properly selected screens for windows and doors will not only allow you to enjoy fresh air without insects and dust but also become an additional element of the interior. Choosing them, you should take into account not only your own wishes and technical aspects but also the above recommendations. Thanks to them, after installation, the door screen will serve long and effectively, making your stay at home as comfortable as possible.

Steps of Door Screen Installation Services
Let’s take a closer look at how WRNYC’s door screens are installed. First, of course, measurements. It is very important to do it correctly. Otherwise, the screen may simply not fit and will not be useful for your home. We will come to your home and take accurate measurements of your doors or windows. This way, we can ensure that the screen will fit perfectly.
Secondly, the choice of screen. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the type of screen that best suits your needs. We can offer you screens in different materials, with different types of meshes, and in different styles. WRNYC’s extensive range is the key to success and meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Next comes the stage of installing custom door screens. When your screen is ready, we will come to your home and install it. This usually takes about 30 minutes. That’s pretty quick, isn’t it?

Here’s how we install a door screen:

  • Remove your old screen (if you have one).
  • We clean the door or window frame.
  • Place the frame of the new screen against the door or window frame.
  • Secure the screen frame in place with the fasteners.
  • We check that the screen is installed correctly.

WRNYC uses only the highest quality materials and tools to ensure that your screen is installed correctly and will serve you for years to come. What’s more, we’ll give you some care tips after your door screens are installed. But we’ll talk about that later as well.

Do I Need to Contact a Door Screen Contactor for Installation?
Is it really that important to hire a professional contractor for door screen installation near me? Yes, and yes again! If you want a high-quality, functional, and durable door screen, it’s a must. Professional door screen installation guarantees you all of this. Our specialists have extensive experience in working with doors, namely repairing, installing, and replacing door screens. This way, you also save time. Without the necessary experience, knowledge, and tools, it is almost impossible to install a door screen properly. And even if you do, it will definitely take longer than 30 minutes. So contact WRNYC and get exactly the result you’ve been dreaming of!

Tips for Maintenance After Installation of Door Screens
So what should I do after a door screen installation near me? First, enjoy the result. Secondly, maintain your screen. In fact, this is another advantage of such structures, they are very easy to maintain. Of course, do not push or pull the screen. Open and close the door carefully. Be sure to regularly remove dust and other dirt from the door screen with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. You can use mild soap or a solution of water and vinegar.
Inspect the screen regularly for damage such as holes, tears, or bent frames. If you find any damage, do not delay contacting WRNYC until later. It’s best to contact us right away, and our technicians will fix it quickly. By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your door screen will serve you well for years to come.

Conclusion. As a result, door screen installation is an extremely easy way to make your home more functional and comfortable for people to stay in. In addition, it is a really effective, durable, and budget-friendly solution. Thus, call WRNYC to install a door screen that is both high quality and stylish! We offer you a free consultation. So don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you may have.


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