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what door services do we have?

what door services do we have?

Extensive experience, proven working methods and cooperation with manufacture. See all mirror services.  
  • Door Installation
  • Frameless Shower Door
  • Custom Shower Doors
  • Screens Installation
  • Mesh Replacement
  • Moldings Replacement
  • Door Capping
  • Framed Shower Door

What is Door Capping?

Imagine a cap that protects the top of your door. This is door capping, or, in simple terms, a protective coating for doors. Most often, door capping systems are made of durable materials. We use metal, plastic, or wood. This makes it resistant to damage, vandalism, and even fire. 

The entrance door is the business card of an apartment or office, so its choice should be treated responsibly. Over the years, chipping, dents, or scratches may appear on the surface, which are difficult to remove with the help of conventional means. The solution in this situation will be a quality overlay, for the production of which reliable and durable materials are used. Their presence allows you to increase a number of technical parameters:

  • sound insulation;
  • heat insulation;
  • resistance of the door to physical impact.

On Which Doors Can Door Capping be Installed?
In fact, door capping solutions are universal and necessary everywhere. That is, they can and should be installed on any door. That’s why today, cladding is used for both residential and commercial buildings. Let’s take a look at their functions.

Residential Door Cladding. In houses, apartments, and condos, residential door capping can:

  1. Protect your door from damage. Namely, from scratches, dents, and cracks that can be caused by pets or active children.
  2. Increase resistance to vandalism. Cladding makes your door more resistant to breaking and entering or window smashing.
  3. Improve aesthetics. Beautiful and stylish cladding gives your door a more elegant and modern look. It gives the door a complete, solid look. In turn, this has a positive effect on the overall design of your interior.

Commercial Door Capping. On the other hand, in commercial premises, door capping installation has its own functions:

  1. Increase security. With the help of cladding, you can easily make your door more resistant to burglary. That is, to protect your goods and property.
  2. Improve fire protection. Door cladding can slow the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire. This gives more time for employees and customers to evacuate.
  3. Create a professional image. Why not give your doors a more presentable and businesslike appearance? This can have a positive impact on the impression of your customers and partners.



How can Door Capping Improve the Security of Your Premises?
Imagine that your apartment or office is a fortress and your door is a gate. A door capping system is an additional shield that you can install on your gate to make it even more durable and resistant to external factors. That is, it is an additional barrier that protects your premises from dust, moisture, fire, and criminals. 

What are the Advantages of Door Cladding?
Let’s summarize and consider what are the main advantages of door capping installation from WRNYC:

  • Doors are the most expensive element of the entrance group. That’s why cladding is used to protect them. This way you won’t be afraid of scratches, cracks, and dents. You can simply replace the cladding and not buy a new door.
  • Safety is a very important advantage. High-quality door cladding scares away vandals and criminals because such doors are much harder to break and open.
  • It is an easy and budget-friendly option for improving aesthetics. The modern and elegant look of the door cover will add even more beauty to your exterior.
  • The ease of maintenance of the door trim is also a good thing. They are actually very easy to clean and wash.

This bunch of useful benefits is impressive, isn’t it? And you can get all this with just one WRNYC front door cladding!

What are the Different Types of Door Capping Solutions?
The door facing is made of different materials. So let’s take a look at their features. First, of course, there are metal door facings. They are the most durable and resistant to damage. They are often used in commercial premises where maximum security is required. But they can also be installed for residential purposes, so why not? It all depends on your preferences. This also includes aluminum ones. They are slightly cheaper, have many style options, and are resistant to corrosion. So it’s a great option if you have high humidity in your area.

Secondly, plastic door cladding. This option is lightweight, affordable, and easy to install. Therefore, plastic overlays are very often used for residential buildings. Due to the large number of design options, they can be called an aesthetic and practical solution. And finally, wooden door covers. This is an incredibly elegant option that makes any home look cozy and natural. 

How to Choose the Right Type of Door Capping for Your Needs?
Here are a few things to consider when choosing a door cladding:

  1. Strength – a quality that determines resistance to impact or fracture;
  2. Fire resistance – how well the material burns;
  3. Sound insulation – wooden door covers protect against noise better than plastic ones;
  4. Thermal insulation – thicker wood or metal covers win here;
  5. Design – aluminum and plastic are best for repainting.

Orient on your design wishes as well as your budget. If you need a quick and budget solution, of course, favor plastic door linings. But if you want a luxurious look, durability, and longevity, wood, metal, and aluminum door caps are better suited.

Door Cladding Services
Our door capping company offers all door services. That is, by contacting WRNYC you can get door capping installation, repair, and replacement. In addition, we will be happy to help you choose the best option for door cladding. Thus, you can call WRNYC for a free consultation. Our experts will provide professional answers to any questions, offer the best solutions, and help you make the right choice. Moreover, we provide a guarantee for all types of services. So you can be sure of the highest level of quality!

Door Capping Installation
Wondering how a door cladding contractor performs a professional installation? First, WRNYC specialists will carefully measure your door. Then comes the stage of choosing the material and style of door capping. You may have already chosen specific solutions or have some interesting ideas. In any case, we will help you with this if necessary. And then we will install the door capping on your door in a residential or commercial building in a high-quality and professional manner. We work quickly and accurately to minimize discomfort and not cause damage to your interior. WRNYC is confident in our work and provides a guarantee for the installation of door caps.

Door Facing Replacement
When does the door capping system need to be replaced? The door capping may need to be replaced if it is damaged, worn out, or has lost its aesthetic appearance. In fact, our customers sometimes replace the door capping simply because it has gone out of style or they don’t like it. 
Replacing a door capping is a simple process that takes much less time than installing a new one. What about saving money? What is more profitable, to replace or repair? Replacement can be a more cost-effective option than repair if the damage is extensive. So it all depends on the case.

Door Capping Repair
In any case, repairs may be necessary sometime after the protective coating has been installed. However, the door capping can only be repaired if the damage is minor. Otherwise, it will not make sense, because it will take more money and time for complex restoration than for replacement. Our experts will assess the extent of the damage and offer the best option for repair, or offer a replacement if it is the only optimal option. Remember, we use high-quality materials and modern repair methods to restore your door quickly and efficiently. So if you have scratches, chips, or cracks on your door frame, don’t hesitate to contact WRNYC!

Tips for Maintenance of Door Cladding
Proper care of doors with overlays allows you to significantly extend their service life and maintain their attractive appearance for a long time. Let’s take a look at the main tips for care after door capping installation:

  1. For cleaning, use only mild means, without aggressive chemical compounds. You can use a cloth rag and soap solution.
  2. Avoid means with abrasive particles and sharp tools for cleaning the surface.
  3. Avoid direct contact with heat sources.
  4. It is better to protect the doors from rain and direct sunlight with a canopy.
  5. Avoid severe mechanical damage. Of course, if you accidentally damage the doors, then it is better to contact us for a quick repair.

Conclusion. Tired of old, unattractive, and cracked doors? Update them quickly and on a budget with WRNYC! Door capping is not just a fashion trend, but also a savior for your doors. It will protect them from damage, wear and tear, and an unaesthetic appearance. That’s why door capping services from WRNYC will give your door a new life, durability, beauty, and functionality. Contact us today for a free consultation and get the best deals!


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