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    Window Restoration Service

    wood window restoration service

    You can't go wrong when you hire the experts at Window Repair NYC for all your window restoration service needs. We are Newyorkers first choice when it comes to Window Restoration Service!

    Windows can be a simple, but also an expensive investment. If you think your old wooden windows need some restoration before they fall apart or just don't work like new anymore then call us today for free quote on Repairing and Restoring!

    We specialize in helping homeowners of many older homes rejuvenate their look by repairing these historic pieces that have been beautifully carved with intricate designs into each frame type - single Hung Double Arch Style Window Treatment (wooden), Bay/ bowtie Pair Looking out over lush green grassy fields

    Our Window Restoration Services:

    Window Restoration Services are offered by our company, which means that during the entire process of working on your windows you won’t have any interruption or anytime noise pollution for neighbors.

    We employ advanced tools to ensure a silent environment throughout this time period in order to achieve optimal efficiency while still maintaining aesthetics with every client’s home/building structure whenever necessary!

    • Wood Window Restoration
    • Metal Window Restoration
    • Casement Window Restoration
    • Bay Window Restoration
    • Antique Window Restoration
    • Window Sash Stripping and Repainting
    • Window Glass Putty Application

    We started Window Repair NYC 9 years ago – Per a recent study, 84% of our customers say they would refer Window Repair NYC to their own friends and family. (Based on +10K actual customers surveyed)

    We've Completed More Than 6000+ Window Repair Jobs over New York Metro With Professionalism, Quality, And Customer Service Always In Mind.

    Why Choose Window Repair NYC Restoration Services?

    • Licensed and Insured Window Restoration Company
    • Trained and Experienced  Window Restoration Experts
    • A Complete Solution to All types of Window Restorations under one roof
    • Best affordable prices to suit your budget
    • World-class servicing with the best finishes for complete safety
    • Durable Installation to Safeguard the house even in adverse weather conditions
    • Huge Experience with Different Repair, Installation, and Restoration services
    • Provisions for FREE Estimate
    • 24x7x365 Customer Services Support available
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    Wood windows have a certain pattern, size and style that make them very distinct from other types of windows. With our Expertise in Restoring these antique structures we can help preserve your home's history while giving it new life as well!

    The special care needed for wooden frames means different things depending on what you're working with- from sash repair or replacement all the way through frame remodeling projects such as figuring out how best replace broken panes if necessary so they match up properly again before installation begins.

    The old windows of our homes are often handcrafted, making them difficult to replace with modern counterparts. When you come in for window restoration services at Window Repair NYC LLC., we know that customization will be necessary because there is no pre-cut option!
    This doesn't mean these types of antique shops can never have replacement rather than restore; it just means they're more likely going through the effort and time spent on crafting each individual piece by hand instead - all partaking into why this process takes longer than others.

    Our Pricings:

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