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12 Reasons to Fix Drafty Windows in your apartment?

Cold air coming through the window is not only unpleasant, but it can also cost you money! Drafts through windows not only cause discomfort – they increase the use of heating by as much as 20%.
Drafts will allow heat to escape from your home, so even if there are no signs of condensation on the windows or doors, this can add up to additional costs. Whether in a new apartment or an old house, many people are sensitive to cold winds coming from drafts such as ceilings near doors where heat escapes before properly entering the room. Find out more about why you should make your windows draught-free with our general tips below!

1. Increased heating bills

When the cold winter months are around the corner, your home can feel like a refrigerator with all those drafts. But the cost of heating is a rather unpleasant fact, in which you definitely do not plan to empty your wallet! Preliminary repair solutions, such as insulation around the ramie or rubber bands, can help keep you warm, but these are all temporary solutions that are abundant on the Internet. Do you want to keep coming back to this issue?

2. Harm to the health of you and your family

Constant drafts create a rather cold temperature in your home. You cannot safely play on the floor with your children, lie quietly on the bed, because you are very cold. Do you want to go to the doctor or, God forbid, take your family to him? Of course, there is an option to dress warmly, but is that what you want? Do you feel constrained that this problem does not give you the well-deserved comfort and safety? This problem has affected quite a lot of families, but there is a solution! Start with a simple consultation with window repair professionals.


3. Deterioration of the condition of your apartment

It’s hard to see the deterioration of your home when it starts with a draft that you may have overlooked. Do you create comfort in this place, and then find yourself in a bad place because there is no one around to fix it for you? We don’t think so!
The above symptoms show signs such as damage to the wallpaper due to too much moisture. Black stains on the walls from mold/fungus growth – does anyone want their favorite apartment to look like this? NO! We completely agree with this! You may not be aware that window maintenance professionals can stop it all!

4. Constant problems with your furniture

Do you want to live in a house with dirty walls, bad smells and stains on furniture? And as for furniture, if your favorite sofa is also a family heirloom, with which a lot of memories are associated, it becomes unusable before your eyes. Restoring furniture is a costly business. Not only do you have to pay higher heating bills, but also the additional problems associated with furniture, which is definitely not what you need. It’s time for us all to take action before it gets worse!

5. Excess moisture destroys your walls

It is easy to ignore the problems in your home when they first appear. You may think that something as simple and banal at first glance, like wallpaper for example (or any other material), will never affect you or become an issue – but this couldn’t be further from truth! With each passing day new issues arise which were not there before; black spots form on walls due both dampness & mold growth while pictures start falling off their frames because these materials have gone out-of date faster.

6. Constantly wet windows

Other signs are fogging of the windows and condensation inside them, which means that the insulation is probably broken somewhere on the line. This excess moisture on your windows grows into meadows on the windowsill. Otherwise, it spoils the appearance and constant puddles prevent you from enjoying pleasant views from the window. And as an option it is to call the apartment cleaning service. These guys will thoroughly clean the whole apartment.

7. Are you tired of folding old towels under the windows

The Home Intuition Draft Restrictor will keep you warm this winter by blocking cold air from entering through the gap between the sash and the window sill. The advertisement you see when you try to find the answer to your question. This model is rated for 36″ long windows and its 4″ thickness makes it a formidable barrier! And also does not solve your issue with a draft. This is clearly not the design of your windows that you were striving for!

8. Your windows create an unbearable sound from drafts.

Are you tired of the constant whistling from your windows. It prevents you from sleeping or just spending time with your family. And in response to the question of your friends or relatives: “What is this strange sound?” – you feel embarrassed, because it simply should not be so. We believe that you deserve only the best, and visiting this blog is guaranteed to give you a solution to this problem. After all, we are specialists in solving problems with windows!

9. Life hacks from the Internet no longer help

Of course, we all try to solve most problems with our own hands, and this is pretty cool! And we are glad that you have already started the process of solving it! And if you are tired of remaking one life hack for another, and want to put an end to all this, we will gladly provide a professional shoulder in the matter of window repair!

10. Are you tired of covering cracks?

Of course, there are methods with which you can patch your window with improvised means. But that won’t give you a long-term solution…and you have to come back to this problem over and over again. The view that your window acquires is unlikely to please your eye while drinking a cup of morning coffee. And the morale from this will surely be loaded! Give yourself ease and with the help of one call solve this issue once and for all!

11. It is enough to close the windows with curtains!

If you’re looking for a way to prevent cold outside air from entering through your windows, then heavier curtains that provide insulation are great. With so many types available – like Thermo Roman blinds or layered cotton with glass pockets for hot tea in winter – it’s hard not to find the perfect one! These special designs also enhance the décor of any room, but don’t solve the issue of heat loss and extraneous sound.

12. Have temporary solutions stopped helping?

The problem is that you do not feel comfortable in your home? Tired of living in an unstable environment where the windows are always closed and it seems that there is no way out. But what if we could first open them for just one minute a day to breathe in fresh air and get that boost for a productive day that you lacked so much! We are sure that this is what you need!

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