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Door Installation

Why Choose Glass Doors Installation? Doors with glass have been used for many years in business centers, shopping centers, and boutiques and not so long ago gained popularity among residential houses. The practicality and functionality of these designs cannot be overestimated. A custom glass door in any room visually expands the space, at the same time it does not block the view and is a necessary partition. Therefore, if it is necessary to “lighten” the wall or not to block access to natural light – glass constructions are the ideal…

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Moldings Replacement

What are Glass Door Moldings and What are They for? Moldings are decorative strips used to decorate the interior and exterior of buildings. Let’s take a look at the main functions of moldings: Decorative: Moldings add elegance, sophistication and emphasize the style of the interior. They can be used to frame paintings, mirrors, doors, windows, and fireplaces. In addition, they are sometimes used to create panels, borders, rosettes, and other decorative elements. Practical: Moldings can hide uneven walls, and joints between different materials, and repair defects. Protective: Some moldings, for…

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Window Repair and Maintenance

Window Repair and Installation services from us will address frame repair problems for many types of windows that include Double Hung Window, Picture Window, Bay Windows, Casement Window, Bow Windows, and Basement Window. If you are fed up with the noise and the dirt of the city that makes way into your clean home, then we can proffer you a simple, sensible, and affordable solution to get rid of the noise. For old home, repairs are made to the window made of wood, where every single occurrence of splintered wood…

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Window Restoration Service

You can’t go wrong when you hire the experts at Window Repair NYC for all your window restoration service needs. We are Newyorkers first choice when it comes to Window Restoration Service! Windows can be a simple, but also an expensive investment. If you think your old wooden windows need some restoration before they fall apart or just don’t work like new anymore then call us today for free quote on Repairing and Restoring! We specialize in helping homeowners of many older homes rejuvenate their look by repairing these historic…